Why visiting a Christmas market in the winter is quintessential?

Christmas in Europe is all things festive. Every city twinkles in the cheerful decor and the mood is celebratory. Most cities have huge fairy tale like Christmas markets set up. Some of the best Christmas markets in Europe are known to be in Prague, Vienna, Strasbourg, Krakow, Dresden, Berlin but visit any near you and you will be charmed by the aromas of fresh bakes, sounds of carols, tastes of delicacies and visuals of holiday decors. 

Here’s four reasons why you definitely need to visit one this year

#1: The ambienceof the imminent holiday season of celebrations, gifts, family gives you the warm feeling and lifts your spirits

#2: The variety of wares in the market stallsare seen to be believed. If you are looking for a gift for a loved one you will be spoilt for choice ranging from the traditional Christmas presents to unique handmade stuff. Each colourful stall vying for attention is decorated beautifully and innovatively. Christmas trinkets to decorate your Christmas trees, books, scarves, caps, hats, lamps, shoes, handmade soaps, chocolates, I have even seen hand woven baskets and blue pottery souvenirs flying like hot cakes off the shelves

#3: The amazing food and drinks spread. Spending a winter afternoon in these markets is a foodie’s delight. Sausages rule the menus – pork, beef, horse, chicken – every meat is an option. On a chilly evening, with warm bread roll and fried onions it can show you the pathway to heaven. If you are not into grilled meat so much fret not as there are ample options of soups, patties, oven fresh pizzas, dried fish, pancakes and the list goes on. Sweets are a special part of celebrations hence pastries, tarts, different kinds of chocolates, nougats, gooey chocolate dipped waffles are abundant. And if nothing, the ubiquitous fries can keep your hunger pangs away. But one thing not to be missed is the mulled wine – sweet and hot scented with cinnamon and other spices it can charge you up in minutes

#4: The kids,and trust me Christmas markets are always full on them: Christmas is special for kids. Those years of pure innocence where Santa still existed and gifts were eagerly awaited on Christmas mornings are life’s most cherished. Its heart warming to see the amazement in those guileless eyes. Be it the merry-go-rounds, the ice skating rinks, the various stalls with children’s activities – its pure joy to be around them

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