Travelog – winning entry

When I first saw this competition I started searching for the best photographs that I have taken but then I thought its also about the travel experience and how I can best potray it. So in the next five photos I will try to bring alive my story :

It is never about the destination but the journey :This was taken on my way to Rome from Netherlands over the swiss alps. It impressed me so much that next year I planned a skiiing trip in Austria amidst the blinding white landscape
Travel is also about where you stay : Like this beautiful walkway at the edge of the ocean in the beach resort of Taj Vivanta at Langkawi where you can enjoy a meal amidst nature. Its an epitome of luxury with its own private beach in a tranquil island away from the tourist madness. However it also does its bit for the local community by providing employment opportunities and promoting organic farming to conserve biodiversity.
Travel is also about what you see :This picture was taken at Amsterdam on a tram. Incredible India ! incredible campaign. Whenever you see a glimpse of home at a faraway land you start missing all those things which make home so special – the food so fondly saved by your distant aunt, the affection of your neighbours when congratulating you on your pass results, the auto rickshaw wall who cares to drop you home after you lose your wallet in a market, in short the warmth of your people
ravel is also a lot about being at the right place at the right time : This moment was captured in Haarlem, Netherlands during the spring cherry blossom season. All through the year this tree is just another one in the lot, nobody even thinks about it a second time. But come spring and it blooms in all its glory mesmerising tourists and locals alike. A lot like life, you have to wait for the right moment for the right impression.
Lastly travel is also and specially about those moments of reflectionwhen you just pause and watch that beautiful sunset and enjoy the company of the person you are with ‘without thinking about that presentation you have to give to your boss when you give back, or the lic premium pending next month, or the maths exam your kid didn’t score well’ but just be in the moment and immerse yourself in it.

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