Caspian Sea cruise, Baku, Azerbaijan

October, 2008

Arrived in August in Baku for a work stint. Work has been hectic. Been exploring the city in bits. It was election day and therefore somewhat relaxed. In the afternoon randomly planned to take a cruise on the Caspian Sea. The trip is for about an hour. It takes you out on the sea and circles back. The cruise is politely describing what is a rocking steamer. However it was a full moon night and while returning the city lights had come on. It was quite magical with the reflections on the water, the wind on my face. The sea is essentially the largest lake in the world but has choppy waters like the sea making the boat rock. At the shore, the boulevard has many food stalls. Fish and chips, tea with chocolates, nuts served with a sweet syrup. Take your pick.

Unfortunately the pictures are not good and also not on the cruise itself

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