Tulips of Holland

April 2020

Spring is a beautiful time. Even in the times of corona. Maybe more beautiful owing to less industries being open, pollution levels being reduced and generally more humans restricted at home.

In the Netherlands, this time is the time for tulips. The flowers are harvested in massive numbers across huge fields all over the country. This year the flower industry has been hit not unlike many other industries. However the flowers are in bloom.

I was in two minds to visit the fields. But since it is ‘intelligent lockdown’ here, as long as I am not coming in close contact with other human beings, it was not a bad idea. And these are massive fields, I was sure would be able to maintain #socialdistancing as need be.

Here is a photo story of the fields (captured on Iphone XS Max)

A beautiful sunny spring afternoon couldn’t be spend better. Oh did I mention the beautiful fragrance at the lavender fields. I

Its an experience – visual, olfactory – but mostly of the soul !

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